Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring is Coming!

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Sherpa Jacket (sold out)        Guess How Much...Book       Thermos        Pink Rainboots         Peter Rabbit Book    SnugOrganics PJ           Plush Bunny     

The weather is getting warmer, Easter is just around the corner, and its finally feelin' like Spring up in here! Here are the favorites for my little girl for Spring.

I LOVE the Sherpa lined striped jacket for the windy weather we still get up here. Its so soft and cozy.

In my efforts to get rid of plastic drinking bottles I bought this thermos and it has been great so far, no leaks - which is my biggest peeve ever! - you can't even imagine how many times I had spilled water in my purse soaking everything else. Boo!

My little girl absolutely adores the pink rainboots I got for her. she can slip them on herself and there has been days where she would not take them off all day. Can't wait for it to rain for her to jump in puddles!

I can't say enough about the Organic Sherpa cotton PJ I got for her - it is so soft and warm - yet breathable. After reading and doing some research about polyester pajamas (I recommend you do the same) I threw all of them away and bought her this set - it is pricey but I would rather invest in something durable and healthy for my daughter to wear.

The plush bunny and the two books I just barely ordered for her Easter Basket. 

DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

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So here is a project I recently did. A friend of ours gave us wall art and although I loved the frame, I was not too crazy about the "art" itself - it did not match any room we had in the house. I remembered seeing some posts on Pinterest about chalkboard walls and decided to give this a try. I must say, I absolutely love our new chalkboard piece - we write little messages to each other, things to remember, and customize cute messages on it for holiday cheer! =]

Materials you need:
- Frame
-Piece of sturdy smooth cardboard to fit inside frame
-Chalkboard paint
-Roller for painting
-Rags,paper, or magazines for setup and cleaning

Here is what I started with:

So first, I removed the back and took out the photo, leaving just the frame and the backing.

I then cut the piece of cardboard to fit inside the frame, put it down on some paper not to get the floor dirty, and painted away!

Once I was finished, I let it dry according to the instructions on the back of the paint can and then installed it into the frame and hung it on my wall. Voila!


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